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Recent Barnum, Denver, news. Updated Mondays. The most recent news about Barnum was published September 16, 2021.

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Barnum crime news

A list of articles that have a connection to Barnum, Denver.

2021 news

Nine Denver officers fired 109 shots at armed man who fired at victims and police
Published September 16, 2021
and filed under armed carjacking, weapon crime
in Barnum
Denver police fatally shoot man in Barnum neighborhood following chase
Published May 14, 2021
in Westwood, Barnum

2020 news

Two men killed in Denver in separate incidents identified
Published September 11, 2020
and filed under homicide
in Barnum, Auraria
Denver police arrest man in connection to fatal shooting in southeast Denver
Published September 8, 2020
and filed under homicide
in Barnum
One killed in Saturday night shooting in Denver
Published September 6, 2020
and filed under homicide
in Barnum

2019 news

A Denver mom ran back inside the house for a minute. When she came out her car — and twins — were missing.
Published October 2, 2019
and filed under motor vehicle theft
in Barnum
Denver man accused of fatally stabbing another in a dispute that started over a dog
Published June 21, 2019
and filed under homicide
in Barnum

2018 news

Failed Denver police traffic stop for no plates leads to crash leaving 1 woman dead and 2 people hospitalized
Published May 27, 2018
and filed under homicide
in Barnum
Three Denver businesses raided, three arrested in nearly year-long investigation into suspected illegal gambling
Published March 27, 2018
in Kennedy, Barnum, Sloan Lake
Denver police investigate man's stabbing death as homicide
Published January 5, 2018
and filed under homicide
in Barnum

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