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High-crime addresses in Valverde

This is a list of the addresses, blocks and intersections in Denver's Valverde neighborhood with the most reported crimes, along with how many reported crimes there have been so far this year.

Click or tap any address or street for a list of that location's crimes and traffic incidents.

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  1. 450 N Federal Blvd: 3
  2. 400 Block N Federal Blvd: 2
  3. 2001 W Alameda Ave: 2
  4. 250 S Decatur St: 2
  5. 1520 W Cedar Ave: 2
  6. 420 N Bryant St: 2
  7. 120 N Bryant St: 2
  8. 220 S Bryant St: 2
  9. 30 S Tejon St: 2

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