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We've got two lists here: One of the Cherry Creek crimes as they occurred, and another of the crimes reported since last Thursday’s site update. This page's data's updated Mondays and Thursdays.

A calendar chart of recent crimes in Cherry Creek, Denver

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New Cherry Creek crimes

These are crimes reported since the last site update, which happens twice a week.

    Thursday June 1

  • Shoplifting, 3:55 PM, at 2810 E 1St Ave.
  • Wednesday May 31

  • Shoplifting, 12:41 PM, at 2810 E 1St Ave.
  • Tuesday May 30

  • Bank robbery, 4:47 PM, at 3410 E 1St Ave.
  • Monday May 29

  • Motor vehicle theft, 12:00 PM, at 250 S Jackson St.
  • Sunday May 21

  • Theft from a building, 2:00 PM, at 2810 E 1St Ave.

Recent crimes in Cherry Creek

The latest crimes to be reported in Cherry Creek.

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